Do you know how to find out how many seats are still available for their shows? I can’t believe a Bey tour is gonna flop and I wanna see what the stadiums will look like

Go to Ticketmaster, search Beyoncé, click any of the OTR II dates, and for “ticket types,” click Standard Ticket/Admission. It’ll show you how many regular tickets are available.

Do you think it’s mostly a Jay Z thing that’s stopping the sold out tours?? Because if it was just her, we all know that everyone would be fighting for a seat at her shows but with Jay?? A lot of blogs here were not for it when they saw him on the roster. They told her to keep him but she brought him out again instead of putting that old dog back in his crate. They weren’t for it at Coachella either! So the Beyhive has to be letting her fail for this tour because of Jay.

I honestly do think that he is part of the reason. Part of the Hive said one joint tour is enough, another part of the Hive is what I call “anti-Jay,” and some can’t afford to even go. If Beyoncé was touring alone the tour would be at least 90% sold out. I also don’t think Jay is bringing in a big crowd, all his arena shows don’t even sell out sooo…

I kinda had a feeling the OTR tour tickets weren’t going to sell well like the hype wasn’t as big tbh and everyone is over the Beyoncé/jayz joint stuff lmao Idk I’m just ready for this era to be over so we can focus on what really matters B7.

One joint tour was enough! I’m only going because I didn’t get to go to OTR… but yes… after this tour is over we can get back to the good stuff. SOLO stuff. And I better not see no “(feat. JAY Z)” on her album either 😂